Saturday, November 28, 2015

Kayaktivism: The Bike Tour takes to the Water to Protest a Mall on the Lagoon

Sustainability and development should go hand in hand. When people see that natural spaces are being threatened by unnecessary human consumerism and profit, we have to take a stand.  A corporation called Caruso Affiliated is attempting to construct a mall on a sensitive lagoon in Carlsbad, and the public was not included in this dialogue until concerned citizens made some noise. Now that the measure is going to a public vote, the local community is finally able to take a stand, so our team joined the citizens of Carlsbad to show the developers that nature is worth protecting. 
Kayaktivism looks good on these activists

Save Carlsbad: No Lagoon Mall!

What do we want? NATURE! When do we want it? FOREVER!

The team takes a break at a table that hopefully is the last of its kind in this lagoon
Why? What made you think up this mess?

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